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Handlebar Cap-3D

YAMAHA         Cygnus X          12-16
YAMAHA         TMAX           12-17
YAMAHA        YZF- R3      14-17
YAMAHA         XMAX          17-18
KAWASAKI      Z650            17-18
SUZUKI    GSX-R150          17-18
SUZUKI    GSX-S150           17-18

Color Option

High density high carbon steel


DIMOTIVDimotiv engraved balance terminal is treated with special paint. It has anti-corrosion and UV resistance, and has a weather resistance of up to 60 hours. Compared with IPHONE and tablet PC, it can reduce the discomfort caused by the vibration of the handle when riding for a long time. The gasket attached to the product can be increased or decreased according to the actual installation condition to adjust the distance between the balanced terminal and the grip to avoid the situation that the grip at the throttle can not rebound; the carved plastic steel (POM) cover, precision CNC cutting The 3D hollow line with excellent texture is not only protected, but also makes the overall visual sense stronger. The plastic steel cover can be purchased separately to extend the service life of the product.

Polyoxymethylene (POM abbreviation) is a thermoplastic used in engineering and has the following characteristics:

1. Shock absorption: It can absorb the impact force when reversing, and effectively protect the car body.

2, high rigidity: strong hardness, high wear resistance.

3, low friction coefficient: low friction coefficient can effectively reduce the probability of bogie jumping and leaping due to excessive friction.

4. Shock absorption: The weighting feature can reduce the hand numb feeling and achieve the stability of the faucet.

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