[DI-VB-01] Versatile Bracket (Brake Line Clamp)   
Pattern SR USD $ 33 TM USD $ 33 BK USD $ 33

Pattern GD USD $ 33 OE USD $ 33 RD USD $ 33

Pattern DG USD $ 33 BE USD $ 33

USD 29.98

Application chart :
DIMOTIV's Versatile Bracket (Brake Line Clamp) protects the brake lines of the motorcycle. A lot of riders tend to use cable ties to tie brake lines onto the frame for a quick and easy fix but not only is this method, on the long run, unsustainable but also effects the movability of rotation on the handlebar. With the versatile bracket and its multidirectional characteristics, it does not affect the range of movement of the brake lines, and also offers protection.

Price : $ 33.00